Other Services


    • 為中風或患有其他腦科病患者進行治療。
    • 進行傷殘評估,撰寫專業意見報告書。
    • 舉辦職業安全及健康講座。
    • 物理治療登門應診服務。

      • 針灸、電力治療、運動處方
      • 關節舒整、手法按摩及治療

詳情可致電 2890 1139 查詢。

    • Treatment for patient with stroke or neurological conditions.
    • Assessment of personal injury and expert opinion report writing.
    • Lectures on Occupational Safety & Health.
    • Domiciliary Physiotherapy Service :
      We also deliver domiciliary service to patients who are unable or inconvenient to our clinic. Our therapists will bring portable equipment to your home and office, providing treatments to sport injury, spinal problem, neurological condition, and rehabilitation after surgery.

For details, please call us at 2890 1139.